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Delice Headlam

Delice has a deep passion for movement and understands the duality of passive and active action. Having being heavily influenced from a young age by dance, the journey of infusing movement and therapy as a means to better her wellbeing - building strength physically and mentally has been fruitful.

Combining her knowledge as a body focused psychotherapist, personal trainer and yoga teacher to encapsulate the human experience of inner connectivity and self-discovery, Delice focuses on releasing trauma from the body (physical, mental and emotional) in accordance to each person. 

"I believe that the journey to reconnecting to yourself isn't supposed to be sugar and spice and all things nice - in fact its about exploring the good the bad and the ugly. Its all a process, but its worth it"



Movement Psychotherapy
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Combining the principles of kinesiology, psychodynamic therapy and yoga philosophy; Decoding Movement Therapy explores the human experience.

This entails movement, mindfulness, creative wellness and cognitive reflection for mental and emotional learning.

  • Mentoring Programmes

  • Therapeutic Workshops

  • Personal Training

  • Yoga

Ananda Movement Lab
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