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Why Movement Psychotherapy?

Movement Psychotherapy bridges the link between non-verbal communication and our response to overcoming any difficulties. It is to be noted that this is not a dance class - instead of dancing to impress, client(s) are guided by a Psychotherapist who provide the space for learning and healing through movement to express.

Creating a safe and therapeutic environment is essential for Movement psychotherapy sessions - this can include the use of music, space and props.

Sessions are client led which means over time you will be able to express your needs and this can be through movement exploration. Although Movement Psychotherapy encourages movement, this is not the sole purpose of  a session. Instead it is to bridge the mind and the body when experiencing feelings and/or thoughts.


*This form of therapy is accessible for anyone, however, it has also been proven to be very effective for individuals who struggle to find the right words to express and non verbal communicators.*

What next?

If you are interested in Movement therapy sessions, fill out the form below to book a free assessment. 

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